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Vortron VT Gear Drive Compressor

VT-140 Model supports flowrates up to 140lb/min.

Vortron’s VT compressor provides unique air moving solutions for complex needs. Developed for aircraft de-ice / anti-ice GSE applications, the patented VT compressor now serves many industries. New adaptations are now available to support broad application in aircraft GSE, industrial air moving, ultra high-velocity blow-off, sparging, bulk transfer conveying, and many others. Can be electrically or hydraulically driven; with direct-coupled hydraulic drive resulting in 125HP rating at under 100lbs package size. Performance range from 5 – 15 psi and up to 1600 CFM; 14 psi at 100 lbs/min typical. Adiabatic efficiency ratings up to 80%.


  • Blow-off
  • Sparging
  • Debris Removal
  • Shallow Vacuum
  • Air Cooling
  • Bulk Conveying

Industries Served

  • Aircraft GSE
  • Military
  • Food Processing
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Agriculture
  • Municipal WWT

The VT gearcase can be equipped with various compressor stages to achieve the performance objectives of a particular application. Recommended compressor stages include the X (“X-Trim” or “X40”) (79% peak efficiency) for typical deicing applications and the Z (Z40e) (80% peak efficiency) for applications requiring higher flowrates. Detailed performance curves and compressor efficiency data can be found on available compressor maps.

Operating Speed:
20,000-45,000 RPM (Impeller)

500-1600 SCFM (see maps)

Pressure Ratio:
Up to 2.5 PR, nom. (see maps)

Internal Gear Ratio:

» Inlet – 5.00 in.
» Discharge – 3.50 in

Gearcase Shaft Input:
SAE J498b, Class 1 Flat Root Side Fit Spline. SAE B, 16/32 P 30° Involute

Compressor Materials:
» Housing: Volute: A356-T6 Aluminum
» Impeller: Investment Cast Aluminum
» Shaft and Gearing: Heat-treated Alloy Steel

Operating Temp (Ambient):
-20°C to 50°C

Environmental Requirement Compliance:
Can meet or exceed: Moisture, Vibration, MIL, Industrial requirements.

Recommended Drive System:
Can be electrically or hydraulically driven. Parker F12-30 motor is suggested for hydraulic applications.

CAPA Industrial will provide you with a quote and specifications on a VT Gear Drive blower for your application, and answer questions such as:

  • Will this work for my application?
  • How much power will it consume?
  • What RPM will provide the performance that I need?
  • What hardware do I need to connect to the gearbox?

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Above: VT Gear Drive Front View

Above: VT Gear Drive Rear View

Above: VT Gear Drive with Hydraulic Motor

Above: VT Gear Drive Drawing