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Vortron Applications

Vortron AirPower Blowers are being employed by manufacturers within the top 100 suppliers to the global automotive industry and others industries including:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Printing
  • Test Equipment
  • Building Materials
  • Electronics
  • Foundries
  • Municipal Waste – Landfill
  • Research Facilities

Applications of AirPower Blowers include:

  • Drying
  • Dry particle blow-off
  • Aeration
  • Gas boosting

Real World Examples include:

  • Manufacturing of Traffic and Street Name Signs
  • Development of integrated hydrogen fuel cell systems for clean power generation.
  • Air supply for nondestructive airflow part testing equipment (GE, Garrett, P&W and Solar Turbine).
  • Development, verification, and test of retrofit emission control technologies for diesel engines.
  • Drying of rigid foam insulation prior to ink labeling.
  • Removal of wood dust (prior to finish coating) from interior wood trim components for OEM automotive and marine products.
  • Drying phase of an aqueous degreasing cleaner for protective coating of metal parts. The inline washer is integrated into a powder coating and spray-painting production line.
  • As part of the new packaging revolution in food processing, our blowers are used to dry chilled pouched food, such as tomato paste & mashed potatoes. Pouches are replacing metal cans, paperboard boxes and bags as producers choose more convenient and eye appealing packaging.
  • Air blow-off of water for a continuous belt washer with a 48” x 40’ process zone operating at a rate of 15,000 pounds per hour.
  • Air blow-off for inline washers of electronic engine control components, under-carriage frame parts, and for batteries for commercial, farm, marine, and military purposes.
  • Processing of float glass and fabricated glass products.


A newly installed line for production of fluorescent light bulbs at the Drummondville, Quebec manufacturing facility of Osram Sylvania. This oven section is cooled by two twelve-foot air-knives with an air supply from two 10HP Vortron Z40 blowers.


Produce from the field, such as potatoes, needs to be washed prior to packaging. Field potatoes must be washed before they are bagged. Excess water must be removed from the potatoes before bagging. Along with rollers, the air knife can remove the final bits of excess water.

The Australian Potato Industry conducted several trials to determine whether or not air drying would be effective in minimizing the soft rot commonly found in “tubers” (potatoes). One recommendation was the application of air knives to dry the potatoes. Air-knife drying is an alternative that overcomes many of the problems of the sponge roller.

Aircraft Deicing

FMC Technologies, Inc. Airport Systems, Orlando, Florida, needed a quick and cost prudent aircraft deicing procedure. Vortron Industrial developed a highly efficient VT Gear Drive compressor, allowing FMC to offer their AirFirst System on their articulated boom deicing vehicles. This unit effectively blows snow and frost off aircraft surfaces while drastically reducing use of expensive and hazardous glycol.